Wind Power Project

With dwindling fossil fuel reserves of coal, oil and gas and the environmental problems associated with their use as fuel for power plants for generating electricity, the Government of India took the initiative for the generation of green energy by encouraging renewable energy sources like Wind, Solar, etc., for the generation of electric power.

ASI has always been at the forefront as far as environmental issues are concerned and has considered maintaining an ecological balance to be one of its primary corporate social responsibilities. Towards this objective and to encourage green power, ASI has cultivated huge plantations in their mining areas with a separate entity being responsible for the same.

In further pursuit of this objective, ASI has installed machines with a total of 4.75 MW wind power capacity in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra. These plants contribute to the reduction in Carbon-Di-Oxide emissions to the extent of 4000 tonnes per year. Under the Kyoto Protocol of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the company has been successful in getting these projects registered under Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) with the Executive Board at Bonn, Germany. The company will soon become eligible for receiving Carbon Credits for the next ten years from April 2011.

Apart from wind power, the company is also exploring the possibility of venturing into solar power generation which again is a part of its green initiative. All these efforts are only a small part of the plans the company has for sustaining the environment and proves that green power is a major cornerstone of the Company’s Policies.
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